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ARNES ftp archive guide
Welcome to ARNES ftp archive! Below you will find a list of software, FAQs, papers and other material stored on ftp.arnes.si (entries marked with (M) are mirrored). If you already know what you are looking for, you can search the archive.

Please send comments and suggestions to webmasters@arnes.si

FAQ, Standards, Reading Material

Usenet news.answers & comp.* FAQs (M)
RFC material (M)
"The Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet" by Ed Krol
Tools on Cryptography


SimTel archive (M)
GNU Software (M)
Linux Slackware(M)
Linux Debian (M)
X Window System (M)
Release 6.4
Release 6.3
Contributed Software
Perl (M) (version 4.016 available also for OpenVMS and MS DOS)
Perl CPAN Archive (Information about CPAN is here.) (M)
UU, BinHex, Base64 encoding/decoding

Network Applications

Archie (M)
OpenVMS Lynx (M)

Computer & Network Security

CERT Advisories, Bulletins, FAQ and Tools (M)
Cryptography Tools & Papers (M)

Software for Various Platforms

IBM PC (DOS & Windows) - check also mirrored SimTel Archive (M)